GIRGIN LAW & CONSULTING OFFICES was established on 13 November 2000 by Lawyer Yasin GİRGİN.

         Since the establishment of our office, we have been providing consultancy services in the fields of commercial law, law of obligations, civil law, enforcement and bankruptcy law, criminal law and cooperative law to both legal persons such as joint stock companies, limited companies and various cooperatives and natural persons.

        Our law firm, which started to take litigation in the field of family law since 2006-2008, became famous in this field after our successful results and the intensity of work has expanded to divorce, custody, alimony and division of property.

       The lawyer Yasin GİRGİN and our team’s books “Divorce Handbook” published in 2011 and ”Termination of Marriage Union” published in 2013, increased the reputation of our office in the field of divorce.

       Again, our law firm prepared a column for Hürriyet Newspaper, which is one of the most important media organizations in our country, for 120 weeks. During this period, our firm’s lawyers have been the guests of many TV-Radio programs and main news bulletins.

       Our offices, where there are currently 6 lawyers, 3 intern lawyers and 3 assistant personnel, can monitor the work of their clients in Ankara, Istanbul and London.